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    AFC 2000 Series Replacement Bioreactor Control System

    For SIP/CIP Reactors

    The AFC 2000 provides replacement controls for existing steel SIP/CIP reactors. The AFC 2000 allows our customers to capitalize on existing steel through modernizing outdated control hardware. This is cost-effective when compared to the expense of removing and installing new reactors.

    The AFC 2000 is based upon modern control hardware and integrates with existing instrumentation and control elements. ILS can customize the AFC 2000 to fit specific needs including updating reactors with modern instrumentation and control elements.

    • AFC 2000 has been applied to a variety of steel reactors from 10 liter Sartorius systems to 1500 liter New Brunswick reactors
    • Controls a wide range of reactors including Applikon, Sartorius, Broadley James, New Brunswick, Millipore Single-Use, and more
    • Lower cost alternative to buying completely new reactors
    • Control panel and modular design options are available to suit your needs, both large and small
    • Modern control with enhanced instrument integration
    • Gas mixing supports one to six gas flow controllers for multiple sparging and headspace ports
    • Open, non-proprietary design allows for easy customization, and customers have access to the controller software and detailed wiring diagram