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    AFC 900 Series Bioreactor Control System

    For Cell-Culture and Fermentation Applications in Research and Process Development Laboratories

    Designed as a "drop in" replacement system for bench-top and pilot-scale reactors, the AFC 900 line of bioreactor controllers outclasses its competition thanks to a reliable, dedicated and open process control system.

    ILS optionally provides the AFC 900 with Broadley-James or Chemglass microbial or cell culture glass reactors ranging from 3 to 20 liters. The AFC controller supports a heating blanket or jacketed reactors with a separate water box. The AFC also controls other reactor vendors such as B.Braun/Sartorius, Applikon, and New Brunswick (NBS).

    • NEW AFC 928: Micro pumps replace syringe pumps for very low flow applications with precise control down to 0.05 ml/hr
    • NEW AFC 928: 3 full size and 4 micro Watson Marlow variable speed pump heads per reactor
    • AFC 927/928 controls two reactors, AFC 917 controls a single reactor
    • Standard 500 W stirrer motor (~0.5 HP) supports 2 — 15L reactors
    • Controls a variety of glass reactors including Applikon, Sartorius, Broadley James, New Brunswick and Millipore Single-Use
    • Flexible design supports either heat blanket or jacketed reactors with water box
    • Cell Culture or Microbial applications with same configuration
    • Gas mixing supports one to six gas flow controllers for multiple sparging and headspace ports
    • Open, non-proprietary design allows for easy customization. Customers have access to the controller software and detailed wiring diagram