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    Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Sensor, CO.55/260H V2

    200 08 0049

    Stainless Steel Housing with Integral Display


    • Aluminum
    • 1-1/8in
    • 26.0mm
    • Fixed installation: 4 fixing holes M4, 8mm deep
    • Water or other acoustically transparent liquids
    • 12-30V DC, maximum ripple 10%, protection against reverse-polarity
    • Maximum 30mA (with open current, frequency and switching output)
    • 8-pin M12 Connector
    • Current ouput for flow rate: 0/4-20mA, Frequency output for flow rate: 0-20kHz (5V digital), RS485 interface: bus-capable, Switching ouput: configurable as PNP/NPN/Push-Pull, Digital input
    • 0-60° C
    • IP65