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Ball Valves

When manufacturing facilities handle sensitive media, proper equipment is necessary to control the flow of liquid, gases and pressure. Across the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries, technicians require the means to sterilize components of equipment while maintaining business outputs. Through sanitary ball valve systems, professionals can continue the production of medicines, vaccines and mixtures with control over the direction of liquid flow.

At Sentinel Process Systems, we can connect your pharmaceutical facility to sanitary ball valves for efficiency and hygienic practices. These devices allow for cleaning between processes, increasing the quality of your products with less material waste.


What Are Sanitary Ball Valves?

Ball valves are ¼-Turn valves which function by turning a handle to perpendicular position to close the flow path. When the valve is in position with the pipeline, the hollow ball will enables media to travel across it. Though most ball valve applications require a 2-Way, 90 degree turn (1/4-turn), options of 180 and 360 degree travel is also available in 3-Way designs.


Sanitary, and sometimes referred to as Hygienic or High Purity, ball valves have unique design attributes for the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, semiconductor, and food and beverage industries. The 316/316L stainless steel construction with high polished finishes can handle a large variety of your applications. Utilizing a “true-bore” design allows for minimal pressure drop and an unrestricted flow path thru the valve. While the 3-Piece body design allows for ease of maintenance.


Implementing a sanitary ball valve into your manufacturing system is ideal for pharmaceutical goods, as components are made of stainless steel for low levels of media buildup throughout channels. The valves are suitable for environments with high pressure levels and temperatures.


What Sentinel Offers: SVF Flow Control Ball Valves

Sentinel Process Systems distributes sanitary ball valves from industry-leading manufacturers. Our selection of industrial, high purity and multi-port ball valves are manufactured by SVF Flow Control for corrosion prevention and easy installation.


All sanitary ball valves at Sentinel Process Systems are three-piece configurations and models, including:

  • Series R8 Ball Valve: Exceed the pressure/temperature ratings of general ball valves.
  • Series SB7 Ball Valve: Specifically designed for applications in the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, food and beverage industries.
  • Series TSB7 Ball Valve: A piping component for pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, food and beverage manufacturing systems with three separate ports for guiding media. Depending on handle orientation, operators have additional options for direction flow.

Experts at Sentinel Process Systems can guide you through the selection process of sanitary ball valves for performance in vacuum conditions. Sizes range from 1/4" to 6" for quick installations.


Applications of Multi-Port Sanitary Ball Valves

Sanitary ball valves cater to professionals in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. The devices guide materials through manufacturing systems with minimal pressure drops for consistency in products. Continue the production of viscous liquids based on the compliance standards of your industry with multi-port and high purity ball valves at Sentinel Process Systems.


Contact Sentinel Process Systems for Sanitary Ball Valves

Sentinel Process Systems offers innovative solutions and technologies for manufacturing systems, including sanitary ball valves for your facility. For more information about our product listings or to place an order, fill out our contact form today.