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    GEMU Type 687

    1in - 4in Pneumatically Operated Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

    The GEMU Type 687 features a stainless steel/reinforced polymer actuator with stainless steel base. Compact, low-maintenance actuator. Optical position indicator integrated as standard. Normally Closed, Normally Open, and Double Acting control functions are available.

    Typical applications include: Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Bioprocessing, Cosmetic, Brewery Service, Food & Beverage, and Semiconductor.

    Additional Information

    Available configurations include: Standard 2-way, Cluster and GMP Ported, Zero Static Tee, U-Bend Point of Use, Duplex, Multiported (custom block valves available on request), and Tank Bottom.

    • Stainless steel / reinforced polymer actuator
    • Fail closed, fail open, and double acting
    • Stainless steel actuator base
    • Compact, low-maintenance design
    • CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilizing capabilities
    • Visual position indicator
    • PTFE or EPDM diaphragm
    • Body material forged 316L stainless steel
    • Available accessories: Stroke limiter, Optical position indicator control function 2 + 3, Electrical position indicators


See data sheet for available specifications