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Gemu Solenoid and Pilot Valves

When working in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries, system operators require methods for controlling media flow in manufacturing facilities. Water, air, gases, vapors, steam and refrigerants may be involved in the production of medicines and vaccines. To regulate processes and reduce material waste, technicians can implement solenoid pilot valves to transport media.

Sentinel Process Systems distributes industry-leading solenoid valves for manufacturing practices and equipment. These devices utilize electrical connections to facilitate your business outputs.

  • GEMU Type 322

    Standard Features

    3/2-way Pilot Solenoid Valve; Single or Modular Battery Mounting
  • GEMU Type 324

    Standard Features

    3/2-way Pilot Solenoid Valve; Direct Mounting
  • GEMU Type 326

    Standard Features

    3/2-way Pilot Solenoid Valve; Rail, Cabinet, or Manifold Mounting


What Are Solenoid Valves?

Solenoid valves span many industries, and can be used as a simple on/off valves or as a flow control system. Pharmaceutical professionals include solenoid valves into manufacturing systems when handling liquids, air, steam or inert gases vital to the production of consumer products. Solenoid valves consist of electromagnetic heads, movable pistons and a disc/shutter where the transport of materials can start and stop.


Solenoid valves are found in machines where the control of media has to occur automatically. When electrically powered, seat seals open and allow materials to pass through sections of your system. In a neutral condition, seals close to stop the transport of media.


Solenoid valves differ from other devices as they can be powered by controllers and batteries at your convenience. Configurations at Sentinel Process Systems use control media to assist in piloting the function of the valve. Pilot solenoid valves are to be installed near the pneumatic components of a system. They can also be incorporated in Limit Switches to minimize the amount of components connected to the pneumatic actuator.


What We Offer: GEMU Solenoid Pilot Valves

Sentinel Process Systems distributes industry-leading solenoid valves from GEMU. Gemu provides a wide breath of process control solenoid products. In particular Models 322, 324 and 326 are pilot solenoid valves which feature the 3/2-way configuration containing three ports and two switching states. The three ports are connected to an air supply, the inlet of an actuating element and exhaust routes.


Technicians at pharmaceutical manufacturing plants see the following benefits from GEMU pilot valves:

  • Single, modular, direct, rail, cabinet and manifold battery mounting
  • Control of chemically inert gases
  • Closed and open control functions
  • Replaceable coils
  • Lockable manual override
  • Compliance with DIN EN 175301-803 Form A or M12 Plug


Benefits of GEMU Pilot Valves

Solenoid pilot valves at Sentinel Process Systems improve manufacturing systems dealing with compressed air and liquids. The devices allow systems to open and close channels for transport and drainage of materials during the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Using electromagnetic signals, operators can trust these devices to regulate outputs for consistency between production runs.


GEMU solenoid pilot valves are compact and install quickly into systems. The components are suitable for low/high temperature environments with coils that are easy to replace. Experts at Sentinel Process Systems can direct you to solenoid valves appropriate for your business after hearing more about your manufacturing process.


Contact Sentinel Process Systems for Sanitary Solenoid Valves

Sentinel Process Systems improves your facility and manufacturing capabilities with the help of our partners. We distribute innovative products and technology to guide your pharmaceutical product outputs. Fill out a contact form today for more information about solenoid pilot valves at Sentinel Process Systems.