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Sample and Bleed Valves

Operators in pharmaceuticals and bioprocessing require methods for testing media to ensure systems are functioning properly and delivering consistent product. This is especially important as professionals create mixtures for medications, vaccines and other goods

There are also situations when the safety of your system operators is a key component to your processes. The use of these sample / bleed valves can help in the reduction of operation injuries. Adding bleed valves to such equipment as transfer panels allows the technician to check or relieve built-up pressure before removing any piping.


Sanitary Sample and Bleed Valves for Biopharmaceutical

Implementing sample and bleed valves is the most proactive way to assess liquid channels and provide a safe environment for equipment technicians.


Sentinel Process Systems distributes sample and bleed valves for efficiency and safe practice within pharmaceutical facilities. This allows operators to take representative portions of media for identification and quality assurance.


What Are Sample and Bleed Valves?

Sample valves at Sentinel Process Systems are engineered with features to fit your manufacturing system and materials. Also known as bleed valves, sample valves let technicians safely draw live results from your process. Depending on setup, these devices help to remove product for testing or drain sections of your pipelines for maintenance and cleaning.


Processes remain consistent regarding temperature and pressure levels through the installation of sanitary sampling valves. In closed positions, devices prevent the possibility of inlets leaking or becoming clogged with media. When operators open the valve, a piston works with the bonnet allowing a full flow.


A number of sanitary sample valve configurations are available at Sentinel Process Systems to suit your manufacturing needs. Consisting of stainless steel components, our valves can be cleaned and sanitized between uses to eliminate the risk of contamination.


Our Selection of SafeSamp Sampling Valves

Sentinel Process Systems distributes sample and bleed valves from SafeSamp, an industry-leading manufacturer. Our SafeSamp valves serve as a solution for pharmaceutical product sampling with inline, right angle and eccentric right angle builds.


SafeSamp sanitary sample valves feature:

  • Sterile sampling capabilities
  • No product hold up/entrapment
  • Safety lock pins
  • Custom designs by request

Bleed valves at Sentinel Process Systems include ergonomic handles and visual indicators of valve open/close position for desirable results.


Benefits of Sample and Bleed Valves

Our selection of sample valves are available in tri-clamp sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2" for installation convenience. Easily produce samples of media in high pressure and vacuum conditions.


Sample and bleed valves are compatible with clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) procedures for frequent maintenance in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing settings:

  • CIP: Prevent contamination of products with valves that function as CIP systems. Operators can clean sample and bleed valves with minimal disassembly required for inline hygiene.
  • SIP: SIP cleaning is possible through the use of our sample valves. This process typically involves a form of saturated pure steam to eliminate microorganisms across a system.

If your manufacturing plant calls for the use of CIP or SIP procedures, our sample valves are designed with these measures in mind.


Contact Sentinel Process Systems for Sanitary Sample Valves

Sentinel Process Systems leverages the skills of our innovative team to recommend products, technologies and services to our customers. We strive to improve your facility's processing capabilities for overall efficiency and media control. For more information about our inline sampling valves and other sample and bleed valves, contact us online today.