• FEP Lined Rubber Covered Hose(9)

    Smooth Bore Liner, Wire Reinforced, EPDM Cover

    This smooth bore FEP hose with EPDM rubber cover resists abrasion as well as chemical attacks, and is easy for operators to safely grip and handle.

    Through a proprietary process, the liner is bonded and reinforced with multi-layer rubber, spiral-wound polyester cords, and double helix wire which gives it superior flexibility. This wire helix also supports full vacuum service.

    The hose is available with conductive wire where electrostatic dissipation is required, as well as flared through connections.

    Additional Information

    Available end connections include: Tri-Clamp, Compression, Camlock, Flange, NPT, JIC Swivel, and more.Labels, collar etching, and other custom options available on request.

    • Designed for extended use in hostile environments involving chemical, thermal, and mechanical stressors
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Easyily cleaned, CIP and SIP compatible
    • FDA materials meet or exceed 3-A requirements
    • Highly flexible

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