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As a Flownamics distributor, Sentinel Process Systems has a comprehensive catalog of automated sampling systems for bioprocess monitoring.Flownamics automated sampling systems for the biopharmaceutical industry streamline production with 24/7 sampling and monitoring capabilities. They keep consistent and uncontaminated samples with single-use fluid paths and check valves and 5-stage sampling segments.

Flownamics Automated Sampling Solutions

Flownamics product portfolio of automated sampling systems includes the Seg-Flow S3® and Acquire™ models. The Flownamics solutions are the perfect choice for cell-culture, fermentation and purification applications.You can expect the following from each:
  • Seg-Flow S3® Automated Sampling Solution: The Seg-Flow S3 model includes all of the features of Seg-Flow's previous premier automated sampling systems. They also boast its newest features, including a built-in Reagent Module, LED lights to signal sample cycle status, improved graphical user interface and ultrasonic sensors to alert lab technicians of a disconnected tube. Sample up to 8 Reactors with cell-free or cell containing sampling. Integrates with numerous Manufacturers’ Cell Counters, HPLC, Biochemistry Analyzers or Fraction collectors. Typical sample cycles range from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Acquire: The Aquire is a new, economical priced autosampler designed for R&D labs and small facilities. It is intended for sampling applications that only require fraction collection. It does not integrate with Cell Counters, HPLC and Biochemistry Analyzers. It can sample up to 8 Reactors and has an integrated Fraction collector in a small footprint. A separate computer is required to interface to the Acquire

The Benefits of Seg-Flow Automated Sampling Systems

Automated sampling and measurement data management systems have several advantages. In addition to their multi-functional, cutting-edge FlowWeb software and intuitive interfaces, Seg-Flow automated sampling systems offer the following:
  • Programmed sampling: The automatic sampling and monitoring capabilities provide an efficient way to collect consistent samples and streamline workflow to improve lab productivity. No personnel is needed to collect samples at nights weekends or holidays
  • Consistent samples: Improve sample consistency with Seg-Flow's 5-stage, segmented sampling system, single-use fluid paths and check valves. Each segment takes the same-size samples that match your specifications reducing sample variability.
  • Reduced contamination risk: The single-use fluid paths and check valves ensure that fluid flows in one direction only from the Reactor to the sampler. In stage one of Seg-Flow's 5-stage system, the previous sample is purged from the tube. In stage two, sterile air is pumped through, followed by a fresh sample in stage three. Clean air is pumped through the line again in stage four before a disinfectant solution is pressed through the pump in stage five. Using a hands free approach ensures the integrity of the sample.
  • Data management: FlowWeb software seamlessly collects and stores sample data. You can export the gathered data to your preferred OPC-enabled SCADA system to efficiently organize, analyze and keep it for future use. Lab technicians and team members can view the FlowWeb system from their desktop or a smart device with Internet access.

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Reduce staff workload, streamline efficiency and improve sample consistency with a Seg-Flow automated sampling system from Sentinel Process Systems.We are a trusted distributor of high-purity processing equipment from leading brands, including Flownamics, Thermo Fisher and Check-All Valve. We serve the pharmaceutical, biotech, specialty chemical and food and beverage industries with automated sampling systems for chemical reactions.Find the right system to improve your bioprocess sampling and monitoring performance. Contact us online today to learn more about our catalog of automated sampling systems.