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    Fiber BallProbe

    Probe for Raman Measurements

    The Fiber BallProbe® provides the simplest and most reliable path to making accurate and repeatable Raman measurements. As the link between your Raman analytical system and your sample, our patented technology delivers simplicity of use and consistent, accurate results. This allows non-specialists to collect high-quality data and eliminates user-to-user variation.

    The Fiber BallProbe consists of two parts: the fiber head and the BallProbe. The fiber head integrates the fiber optics, Raman filters and optical components into a compact ergonomic design. The BallProbe is the sample interface, a patented optical system featuring a high-purity sapphire spherical lens that enables TouchRaman.

    The Fiber BallProbe comes standard in a “Fixed” configuration, where the BallProbe is permanently attached to the fiber-optic interface but can be upgraded to the “Interchangeable” option.  The interchangeable configuration enables the user to switch between different BallProbes, allowing them to choose the best option for the application, or support multiple points of measurement. The interchangeable probe features an indexing system to ensure repeatable alignment when swapping BallProbes, which tackles the challenges of alignment drift and tedious manual adjustments.

    The Fiber BallProbe is optimized for use with the Raman Walkup All-In-One or it can be fiber matched for use with most Raman systems.


    Excitation Fiber, Connector100μm Low-OH, FC/PC
    Collection Fiber, Connector200μm Low-OH, FC/PC
    Fiber Head MaterialAnodized Aluminum
    Compatible Laser Wavelengths532nm or 785nm