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    ARC Accessories(10)

    Hamilton Accessories for Wireless Calibration, Configuration, and Sensor Diagnostics

    All Hamilton Intelligent Sensors communicate back to the control system via a hard wired connection to ensure data integrity. The optional Arc Wi Adapter enables wireless communication with the sensor in parallel with the hardwired connection. This Bluetooth connection facilitates wireless calibration, configuration, and sensor diagnostics from a PC or mobile device while transmitting a continuous process measurement.

    The non-Arc version of the Visiferm has the ability to simulate a traditional electro chemical sensor (ECS) output. This small nA output signal requires more insulated double coaxial cables. For attachment to common bioreactors a variety of standard connectors cables are provided. They come with wall power supplies to power the internal µ-transmitter. The VisiPro and VisiTrace use a low cost M12-4 cable and can be powered by a 2 wire 4-20 mA loop.

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