• Scrubbers

    Our units provide a safe and cost effective way to help control process vapors or gases. Sentinel's basic Scrubber Units can be a first step to remove or neutralize those substances harmful to the environment.

    Scrubber Units

    • Process Borosilicate Glass Components with PFA/PTFE Tube and Fitting or Process Glassware Interconnecting Piping
    • Glass, Ceramic, or Plastic Packing Components – inert and corrosion resistant
    • Completely Mobile – Specifically designed for use in the lab as well as production suites
    • Some available options: Vacuum Venturi's, FRP Tanks, Cleaning Spray Balls, Distribution Nozzles, Dispersion Ports, Metering Pumps, Valves, and Gauges
    • Fully automated options, data acquisition and monitoring packages available
    • Corrosion resistant powder coated structural frame with locking stainless steel hub and flanged urethane casters for easy mobility