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Through 25 years of experience in the development, production and worldwide distribution of innovative ultrasonic solutions, Sonotec has proved to be a technological leader. Their non-invasive fluid monitoring line provides precise real-time fluid measurement solutions for the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries.

Sonotec Solutions We Offer

Sentinel Process System carries several pieces of equipment from Sonotec. Our inventory of Sonotec flow meters includes:
  • Sonotec CO.55 V2 Non-Invasive Flow Sensor: Use this Sensor to measure the liquid flow rate inside a plastic tube. It uses ultrasonic measurement to provide reliable and fast results. Since it is non-invasive, the sensor never touches the medium, making it an ideal choice for strictly hygienic applications. This sensor can read flow rates down to 10mL per minute at accuracies as low as +/- 1% of flow rate. This sensor is designed using an aluminum anodized case.
  • Sonotec CO.55 SD V2 Non-Invasive Flow Sensor: The SD version is similar to the Standard CO.55 V2 model with several enhancements. The case is made of stainless steel that can withstand the harsh chemicals used to clean a typical cleanroom. It also incorporates an integrated display to display flow rates.
  • Sonotec IL.52 V2 Inline Flow Sensor: These sensors are designed specifically for low-flow applications, usable at a minimum of 0.2mL per minute. The inline flow sensors are compatible with various chemicals and have mechanical stability. They can also resist high temperatures. These Sonotec flow sensors can have +/- 1% flow rate accuracy and require no maintenance for wear and tear.
  • Sonotec accessories: Sentinel Process Systems has you covered if you need accessories for your Sonotec equipment. We offer a suite of add-ons, including 1-meter and 5-meter cables, a remote display and an engineering package that comprises the software, driver and power supply you'll need.
  • FCS Closed-Loop PID Controller: This PID controller is self-contained. It is an open architecture, single-channel PID controller for pumps, sensors and load cells. The closed-loop PID controller has an easy-to-use touchscreen for controlling and monitoring data. This system is compatible with Sonotec ultrasonic flow sensors, helping with flow correction, flow rate control and volume dosing. It is also a portable device.

Application Areas for Sonotec Flow Meters

Sonotec flow meters are useful in several industries, with common applications including:
  • Biotechnology: Sonotec has non-contact ultrasonic sensors for upstream and downstream monitoring. This equipment measures liquid flow quickly and precisely.
  • Medical technology: You need reliable and durable sensors for medical technology. Sonotec flow meters help you monitor medical devices like analytical, medical and laboratory equipment with products that meet the field's restrictive requirements. They offer high accuracy, safe operation, long lifespans and resistance to external influences.
  • Semiconductors: Sonotec flow meters also work well in the semiconductor industry, particularly in wafer manufacturing. Their sensors are non-invasive, allowing easy and precise measurements that do not affect your other work. These devices can manage flow measurement and offer several benefits, including simple tube insertion, improved productivity and less wear and tear.

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At Sentinel Process Systems, our team has expertise in flow meters and how they apply to your industry. We understand what needs your application creates and will work to help you find suitable products. Sentinel Process Systems is proud to offer an extensive product portfolio to simplify shopping for everything you need. Our goal is to make our business your one-stop shop for everything you need for your application. Our team provides reliable service as quickly as possible to help you find high-quality products and solutions. If you would like to request more information, please contact us online today or call 800-345-FLOW.