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The Spence steam trap product line is designed expressly for the industrial and hygienic marketplace. It features everything from highly polished stainless steel traps to innovative variable orifice float and thermostatic traps. Spence products have been recognized since the 1930s for the value and durability their clean steam solutions provide.

Spence Solutions We Carry

At Sentinel Process Systems, we carry several Spence products. Whether you need a thermostatic steam trap or repair kits, we have what you need to improve your operations. The Spence equipment we carry includes:
  • CDS Two-Piece Thermostatic Steam Trap: This steam trap has three capacities of up to 1722 pounds per hour at 20 psi. It features 316L Stainless Steel Body, Bellows and Valve.. This product's design makes it self draining and self-centering with a positive shut-off valve. We carry this two-piece steam trap in multiple sizes using ½” to 1.5” tri-clamps.
  • CDH Two-Piece Thermostatic Steam Trap: This Spence sanitary steam trap also has a high capacity. It shares many of the same features as the CDS model, but this version offers horizontal connections designed for low head space. You can get this model in multiple sizes using ½” to ¾” tri-clamps, mechanical or electro-polish, and with sensitive, standard or SLR bellows.
  • DS100 One-Piece Thermostatic Steam Trap: We also carry a one-piece thermostatic steam trap from Spence. It has a capacity of 1210 pounds per hour at 20 psi, but it shares many other characteristics with the two-piece models. It is also a maintenance-free device available in a variety of sizes using ½” to ¾” tri-clamps.
  • Repair kits: We have a selection of Spence equipment repair kits. Our options are the Sensitive Bellows Repair Kit, Standard Bellows Repair Kit, Standard Bellows SLR Repair Kit and Sensitive Bellows SLR Repair Kit.

Benefits of Spence Steam Traps

Using Spence steam traps also offers several benefits for your operations. Advantages of thermostatic steam traps from Spence are:
  • Energy efficiency: The thermostatic action and positive shut-off help preserve steam so that you will have no loss during operation, increasing efficiency.
  • Freeze-resistant: These thermostatic steam traps are self-draining, making them freeze-proof.
  • Durable materials: This equipment has a stainless steel body helping to increase its thermal, corrosion and hydraulic shock resistance.
  • Responsive devices: Spence steam traps have fast-acting thermostatic action and high air handling capacity to get rid of non-condensable media.
  • Easy maintenance: Spence manufactures two-piece steam traps with bolted covers so that you can easily remove these covers to repair and replace the components when maintaining your equipment.

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Sentinel Process Systems understands steam traps and how they relate to your industry. Our team works to ensure we can identify your needs and help you find a suitable steam trap for your application. We have a large product portfolio to help you find everything you need for your operations because our goal is to become your one-stop shop for steam traps and other products.We want to help provide reliable service quickly so you can find the right solution for your application. If you want to know more, please request information online or call 800-345-FLOW.