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Our High-Purity Processing Solutions

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Specialty Chemical and Food & Beverage industries are very dynamic and incredibly competitive. Manufacturers must continuously adapt their processes to increase and streamline production and meet strict regulatory requirements while maintaining product consistency. 


High-Purity Processing Solutions

Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. offers a broad suite of pharmaceutical high-purity processing equipment and other engineered solutions for your industrial process systems. 

We work with 40 trusted industry manufacturing partners to stock over 500,000 products so you can minimize downtime when unexpected outages occur. Our Sales ngineers have the subject matter expertise to assist in project design and will deliver custom solutions fast.

Sentinel is fully capable of meeting your process challenges with our standard products, custom fabrications and fittingscustom hose fabrication service and expertise in stocking programs.


Our Mission and the Sentinel Difference

Sentinel Process Systems serves the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Specialty Chemical and Food & Beverage markets as a fabricator and distributor of high-purity processing equipment. We've been operating since 1950 with the same mission — to solve your processing challenges quickly and improve your operations as conveniently as possible. 

With a high level of industry expertise and an extensive portfolio of partners, Sentinel goes above and beyond high-purity processing solutions. Our 14,000 square feet of fabrication, ISO 7 Cleanroom and warehouse space helps us save you time and money by delivering quick results.

Sentinel's Sales Team can quickly identify the high-purity processing equipment you require for your operations. We put our passion and expertise to work for every customer, from initial consultation to product delivery.


High-Purity Processing Equipment We Offer 

Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. fabricates and distributes single-use products, process hoses, high purity valves, process instrumentation, fittings and more. High-purity processing equipment we offer includes:

1. Single-Use Media Storage

Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. offers various single-use media technology for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, including the following:

  • Rigid bio-containment devices
  • Microcarrier filter bags
  • Mixing bags
  • Bioprocess bags
  • Cryopreservation bags
  • Tank liners
  • Motion reactor bags

2. Single-Use Tubing Solutions

Tubing is required for secure fluid transfer and is an essential part of any single-use system. 

You can find the following single-use tubing solutions at Sentinel:

  • Single-use tube sets
  • Single-use manifolds
  • Platinum-cured Bulk Silicone tubing
  • TPE Bulk tubing
  • Sanitary fittings for single-use tubing
  • TPE Tube Sealer
  • Sterile Tube Connector
  • Sanitary pinch valves
  • Clamp-on flow sensor
  • Low flow inline sensor

3. Process Hoses

Our in-house fabrication capabilities and broad line of process hoses, fittings and tubing enables Sentinel Process Systems to provide you with the optimal hose assembly for your application quickly. , Sentinel will ensure you receive a complete, pressure-tested, ready-to-install product.

4. Process Analytics

Our process analytic technologies, including MarqMetrix Raman Spectroscopy system, are well known for their unique features, long life, high quality and competitive pricing. We also offer:

  • Raman Spectroscopy System – Mobile or Benchtop
  • Immersion Contact Probe
  • Probe for Raman Measurements
  • Raman Measurement Probe for Continuous Flow Process

5. Flow Control

Selecting the correct sensor for your application is crucial. Sentinel offers the Sonotec CO.55 V2 Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Flow Sensor, the Sonotec IL.52 V2 Inline UltrsoniceFlow Sensor and additional Sonotec accessories.  If air bubbles are a concern Sonotec’s ABD06 non-invasive Air Bubble Sensor is the perfect choice.

6. Auto Sampling

Flownamics’ Seg-Flow Auto Sampling System provides multiple bioprocess monitoring and control solutions for improving process performance.  The Seg-Flow allows rapid and accurate sampling for up to 8 vessels and sample delivery to up to 4 analyzers and/or fraction collectors.  The Seg-Flow S3 can also control 2 pumps per vessel.  This Auto sampling solutions can control data flow, provide easier data management, reduce sampling variability, decrease potential contamination of samples, reduce lab personnel workload and more. 

7. Diaphragm and Process Valves

Process control and on/off valves benefit engineers, operators and technicians who need to operate plant equipment through mechanical controls for energy efficiency, quality assurance and more.  Sentinel offers a wide variety of valves including manual/pneumatic diaphragm valves, Globa valves, Ball Valves, Sample Valves and even Single-use valves.

8. Clean Steam Products

Nicholson Sanitary Steam Traps from Sentinel are known throughout the industry for their durability, value, long life and easy maintenance. 

The traps discharge condensate and other non-condensable gases such as air from a steam system while not permitting live steam to escape.

9. Sealing Technologies

Our Tri-Clamp Gaskets feature engineered polymers, engineered geometries and larger IDs designed to meet the most stringent BPE specifications.

10. Bioprocess Instrumentation

We offer RTD and digital temperature gauges, mechanical and digital pressure gauges, and bioreactor control systems. 

Digital pressure gauges provide a host of benefits, including back-lit capability and steady reading in high-vibration environments. Alternatively, temperature gauges measure the thermal state of homogeneous substances and must be brought as closely together as possible with the body to be measured.

11. Fittings and Fabrications

Fittings and fabrications from Sentinel keep your equipment from creating harmful impurities, thus protecting your company from incurring costly expenses due to spoiled product or system downtime.

Every one of our fittings is passivated according to ASTM A967 and ASME BPE standards. 

12. Flow Chemistry

Our flow chemistry equipment includes lab-scale to production scale flow reactors. These units allow the use of low boiling solvents at high temperatures, which helps speed up reactions significantly.

13. Reaction Support Equipment

Sentinel's reaction and reaction support equipment, such as our process reactors, can be used in a production plant or laboratory. Suitability of the equipment for comfort, operator safety, temperature, pressure and application are just some of the considerations used by our engineers.


Industries We Serve 

Whether your company is in the Pharmacutical, Biotech, Specialty Chemical or Food & Beverage, we can provide unique and tailored solutions to suit your needs. Most substantial is the impact of single-use products on the following sectors:

Why does this section below focus on Single-use.  We sell a lot of non Single-use products?

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Driven by quality and cost-efficiency requirements, the pharmaceutical industry has quickly adopted single-use components because of their sterility and cost-effectiveness compared to stainless steel equivalents.
  • Biotech manufacturing: Bioprocessing manufacturers are increasingly turning toward single-use components. Much of this is driven by the need to find scalable, cost-effective options, as well as the increasing demand for biosimilars and biologics.
  • Other high-purity manufacturing: In markets such as the specialty chemical industry and Food & Beverage, single-use technologies have surged in use to eliminate costly sterilization procedures and traditional processing technologies.


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