Single-Use Tubing Solutions

Sentinel Process Systems provides a broad product portfolio of products designed specifically to support your single-use applications where you need to process critical fluids in a controlled environment. If all you need are components to assemble your own solutions Sentinel is the authorized Distributor for several Manufacturers of bulk tubing, aseptic connectors and fittings. If you need single-use tube sets manufactured for you, we are partners with some of the industry’s leading suppliers of single-use tubing assemblies. Sentinel also has an in-house ISO Class 7 cleanroom that can support your needs. See our Services page – Cleanroom Assembly – for more information. To round out our Single-Use Tubing Solutions offering we offer several complementary single-use accessories including Flow Sensors, Tubing Welders/Sealers and single-use Pinch Valves.

Whether it is a standard configuration or a unique custom design, Sentinel offers competitive lead times and customized stocking programs. With all the single-use tubing solutions we offer, we’re ready to provide you with customized products meeting your specific requirements. Browse our selection of single-use tubing solutions today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For more info on Sentinel’s Cleanroom Assembly capabilities, click here.

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Tube Sets

Single-use tube assemblies for processing fluids

Single-Use Manifolds

Single-use manifolds for sampling or storage needs


Silicone Bulk Tubing

Platinum cured Silicone tubing in bulk quantities


TPE Bulk Tubing

TPE tubing in bulk quantities


Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary Fittings ~ Reducers, Barbs

Clamps 2

Single-Use Plastic Clamps

Plastic Tri-clamps and Pinch clamps for Single-use Tubing


Tube Welder

Automated aseptic tube welder


Tube Sealer

Permanent TPE tube sealer

CO.55 Family shot one each

SONOTEC CO.55 Non-Invasive Flow Sensor

Ultrasonic clamp-on flow sensor

Inline 2

SONOTEC IL.52 In-line Flow Sensor

Ultrasonic in-line flow sensor


Single-Use Pinch Valves

Pinch valves for flow control

Single-Use Tubing Assemblies Solution

Single-use tubing assemblies and solutions are employed many manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and bio-processing industries. These solutions help reduce costs and eliminate contamination. If you’re in the market for single-use tubing assemblies, Sentinel Process Systems offers both standard and custom solutions that adhere to industry quality standards.

To get the most out of single-use tubing assemblies and solutions, learn more about what they are, what various kinds you can use and what types of equipment you can employ alongside them.

What Is Single-Use Tubing? What Are Its Key Features?

Single-use tubing is a critical part of a single-use system, as it ensures the system transfers fluid securely. Single-use tubing assemblies refer to plastic tubing that has been connected as part of a system. The right kinds of single-use tubing can provide you with plenty of advantages, such as reducing contamination risks, increasing efficiency and removing the need to stop production for sterilization. Single-use tubing solutions can be customized to address unique applications and be fabricated off-site saving manufacturers high labor costs. Since they don’t need autoclaving or cleaning, your team saves money and time by utilizing them out of the bag. Unlike hard piping, they can be swapped out faster during system redesigns, giving your company greater flexibility.

Single-use tubing solutions can decrease downtime by getting rid of some cleaning validation requirements. The best tubing solutions come with validated sterility assurance and have been assembled in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms. Their packaging should also be easily identifiable, enabling you to trace the tubing back to its source and review its quality control.

Single-Use Tubing Solutions We Offer

At Sentinel Process Systems, Inc., we’re proud to offer several single-use tubing solutions to our clients. Our offerings include; tube sets, molded manifolds, bulk tubing and a variety of sanitary fittings. Learn more about the various single-use tubing solutions available to you below:

  • Tube sets: Our Single-Use Tube Sets are extremely customizable, allowing users to source prefabricated tube assemblies that meet their unique process requirements. The sets can be assembled with various components, like clamps, aseptic connections, media bottles, flex bags, filters and other fittings. Tube assemblies are available with or without Gamma Irradiation. They come ready for use, helping you save time, energy and resources on more pressing matters.
  • Single-use manifolds: Our Single-Use Manifolds assist with storage and product sampling in manufacturing vaccines and drugs. These manifolds give an uninterrupted transition between tubing and connections. Our molded manifolds can be delivered to you in several sizes and shapes for specific applications at your facility. They also excel at eliminating particle entrapment, contamination problems from barbed fittings and leaks.
  • Silicone bulk tubing: When you need tubing that meets the strictest requirements in the biopharmaceutical industry, Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing is an excellent choice. We package and manufacture it in ways that meet UPS Class VI, ISO 10993 and Cytotoxicity criteria and ensure it’s handled in an ISO cleanroom. The tubing comes in various sizes and lengths to fit several applications. You can find them in braided versions perfect for higher pressure conditions and pump grade versions for peristaltic pump applications.
  • TPE bulk tubing: Our TPE Bulk Tubing is made for challenging biopharmaceutical applications, where flexibility, moldability and sterilizability are a must. TPE meets all of these demands and is commonly used for sampling devices, process filling and single-use assemblies. It’s also compatible with common aseptic tube welders and sealers, making it easy to fit into your facilities. The tubing is made without animal-derived ingredients or silicone oils. It also meets many USP and ISO standards.
  • Sanitary fittings: We offer several types of sanitary fittings designed for single-use tubing. All of our sanitary fittings are produced and packaged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. They can also be gamma-irradiated and are compliant with several standards, such as ISO 10993, FDA Approved Ingredients, U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI and Animal-Derived Ingredient Free (ADIF/ADCF). Some of our most popular sanitary fittings include Concentric Sanitary Tri-Clamp Reducers, Barbed Sanitary Tri-Clamp Adapters, Sanitary Nylon Tri-Clamps and Overmolded Tri-Clamp Assemblies.
Single-Use Tubing Accessories We Offer

From our tube welders and pinch valves to our clamp-on flow sensors and inline flow sensors, we carry a variety of equipment compatible with single-use tubing. Explore some of the top pieces of equipment used with our single-use tubing solutions below:

  • Tube welder: Tube welders are tabletop devices used with aseptic tubing connections. Since they’re automated, they need minimal user interaction. Additionally, they come with temperature monitoring and self-controlled heating operation. These devices handle the tube welding operation with an automated mechanical assembly.
  • Tube sealer: Our TPE Tube Sealer ensures your TPE tubing receives consistent, high-quality seals. This sealer is easy to clean, portable, and compact. It’s built with one-button operation to make it incredibly easy to validate and use.
  • Pinch valves: When you need a sanitary pinch valve for single-use applications, turn to our Sanitary Pinch Valves. These valves ensure you can use your tubing without any physical breakage from batch-to-batch, avoiding the risk of contamination. The pinch valves consist of polished stainless steel and can be customized to your unique application. The interchangeable tube holder and compressor allows 2 valve bodies to support over 60 tube configurations
  • Clamp-on flow sensor: Our SONOFLOW CO.55 V2 is an ultrasonic clamp-on flow sensor that detects the flow rate of liquids passing through plastic tubes. These sensors use ultrasonic measurement for exceptional accuracy, and they follow strict hygienic standards. The sensor makes no contact with the medium. Additionally, the clamp-on mounting concept prevents the risks of leaking or contamination.
  • Inline flow sensor: Our SONOFLOW IL.52 V2 is a high-quality inline flow sensor for environments with the strictest hygiene requirements. These sensors are extremely accurate, as they can measure down to +/- 1% of flow rate and 0.2 mL/min. They’re also reusable and autoclavable, as well as ETO-, CIP- and SIP-compatible.
Common Applications For Our Single-Use Tubing

Single-use tubing is used in several industries, such as those in bio-processing manufacturing or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Learn more about the most common applications of single-use tubing below:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Single-use tubing and other products are popular in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Compared to stainless steel systems, single-use tubing is much more sterile and cost-effective. These benefits keep pharmaceutical products safer and help companies lower their costs.
  • Bio-processing manufacturing: In the bio-processing manufacturing industry, there are increased demands for biologics and biosimilars. Single-use tubing can assist this growing demand by providing scalable and cost-effective tubing options. Many bio-processing manufacturers are turning to single-use options for how they can optimize a company’s supply chain.
  • Other high-purity manufacturing: Various high-purity manufacturing companies need to prevent cross-contamination from occurring in their products. Sterile single-use tubing assemblies can assist these companies, keeping materials safe from contamination. Additionally, this tubing can help companies save money by eliminating the need for expensive sterilization procedures and traditional processing technologies.
Key Benefits Of Single-Use Tubing Solutions From Sentinel

Sentinel’s single-use tubing solutions provide a wealth of benefits for your manufacturing facility:

1. Reduced Contamination Risk
Single-use tubing generally consists of sealed plastic components that have undergone gamma irradiation sterilization or similar treatments. This sterility is one of the primary benefits of single-use systems. Because the tubing arrives sterile and goes for waste disposal after a single use, it carries minimal risk of transmitting contaminants to manufactured products. It helps improve product quality and promote public health and safety.

2. Lower Cleansing Requirements
Single-use tubing does not require the cleaning and sanitizing that fixed stainless steel systems need. Reusing stainless steel systems often necessitates days or weeks of intensive cleaning and sanitizing before the equipment meets the minimum safety thresholds for further use. This process can cause excessive downtime and major expenses as facilities pay hundreds of hours of labor costs. Single-use tubing eliminates these requirements.

3. Decreased Manufacturing Costs
With single-use tubing, manufacturing costs decrease because each batch of product requires less cost-intensive equipment sanitizing. Single-use tubing systems also necessitate much less in-house infrastructure, including plumbing for steam and a water-for-injection (WFI) plant. Consequently, the facility footprint can be much more compact, so new construction costs can be lower and new process lines and facilities can come online quickly.

4. Improved Efficiency
Single-use technology allows manufacturers to proceed from batch to batch without the excessive downtimes associated with cleaning and sanitizing. This benefit translates into faster product turnaround times and enhanced efficiency overall.

5. Greater Flexibility
Single-use tubing gives manufacturers the flexibility to rearrange facility layouts quickly and reconfigure their processes as necessary. This advantage is particularly beneficial for facilities that produce smaller batches and make frequent transitions between production setups.

Choose Sentinel Process Systems, INC. For Single-Use Tubing Solutions

With all the single-use tubing solutions we offer, we’re ready to provide you with customized products meeting your manufacturing requirements. Browse our selection of single-use tubing solutions today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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