Single-Use Connectors

Sentinel Process Systems partners with Colder Products Company (CPC) the leader in the design and manufacture of single-use connection technology and connectors for the biopharmaceutical market. CPC offers a wide variety of solutions including sterile connect, sterile disconnect, SIP connections and open connects. These innovative designs provide flexibility for biopharmaceutical manufacturers to easily combine multiple components, single-use or hybrid systems including process containers, tubing manifolds, transfer lines, bioreactors, and other bioprocessing equipment. Easy to use and robust single-use connectors maintain flow path sterility and integrity while enabling biopharmaceutical manufacturers to improve production yields, decrease time to market and reduce costs. Genderless sterile connectors simplify process integration, maximize flexibility, and streamline supply chains.

If you are looking for quick connect couplings, fittings, disconnects and combination connectors for fluid transfer Sentinel Process Systems and CPC can help you find the right solution for your application.

Connection Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Processes Catalog


Colder Genderless Sterile Connectors

Sterile, genderless Single-use connectors


Colder Genderless Sterile Connector/ Disconnectors

Provides both a sterile connection and a sterile disconnection


Colder Mini Genderless Sterile Connectors

Sterile connection for your 1/8” and below flow applications


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