Cleanroom Assembly

Cleanroom Assembly Capabilities

Sentinel Process System offers a wide range of disposable and single-use assemblies produced in a new state-of-the-art, certified clean room in our Hatboro, Pennsylvania facility.

Sentinel, formed in 1950, has decades of experience servicing the Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Biotechnology, and High Purity Chemical industries. We understand the complex demands of our customers and have helped our clients optimize their processes for years. From R&D to clinical testing to full-scale production, Sentinel helps in developing custom assembly designs with a strong commitment to value engineering. We can fabricate and inventory custom, pre-assembled, and gamma-irradiated single-use systems that are packaged and ready-to-use. Our extensive supply chain management systems enable us to provide consistent, best-in-class assemblies with impeccable lead times.

Sentinel Single-Use Cleanroom Assembly Flyer

We put our customers’ needs at the highest priority, when a custom build is needed ASAP, we are equipped to design, quote, assemble, and gamma irradiate in just weeks when necessary. From initial inquiry through final delivery we strive to provide the most seamless, swift, and flexible customer experience while still upholding the highest quality standards.

  • Sentinel complies with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
  • Cleanroom certified to ISO 7 per ISO 14644-1 (FED equivalent Class 10,000 cleanroom)
  • Product contact materials meet or exceed USP Class VI, FDA, ISO, NSF, and European Pharmacopoeia and animal derivative free
  • Gamma Irradiation offered
  • Full lot traceability for integrated components
  • Certification of analysis and Extractables & Leachables data available upon request
  • Sentinel offers years of experience managing custom stocking programs
  • All products are fabricated and stored using the most stringent hygienic protocols to uphold product integrity.
  • Extremely competitive lead times

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