Filtration is an essential part of most manufacturing processes whether you are in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Water or Food & Beverage. Having the proper Filtration product for consistent product quality and purity throughout the manufacturing process is the #1 goal for any organization. Sentinel partners with several leaders in the design and manufacture of membrane filter solutions that help support your critical processes. These filter solutions are field proven and offer a cost effective solution to achieve the highest possible productivity with consistent quality. We offer a wide variety of filtration solutions including Capsule Filters, Cartridge Filters and Filter Housings.

Pharmsteri Capsule family shot 5-8-23

Capsule Filters

Capsule Filters for the Filtration of Liquids or Air/Gas

Pharmsteri - PP Cartridge filter-1

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters for the Filtration of Liquids or Air/Gas


Filter Housings

Stainless Steel Filter Housings

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