Process Hose Fabrication

For over 25 years Sentinel Process Systems, Inc has partnered with several of the industry-leading manufacturers of hygienic liquid transfer solutions. Our customers, using sanitary and high-purity processes, demand high-quality hose assemblies to transport liquids between processes and rooms. Our Partners offer a complete line of standard and customized hoses in a wide variety of materials, sheathing, and end connections.

As an added value service, Sentinel offers in-house Hose Fabrication for unique designs and for quick turnaround requirements.  We maintain a large inventory of hose material and end connections in our Hatboro, Pennsylvania facility allowing us to respond quickly to urgent requirements for standard or customized hose designs.

With two decades of experience servicing the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Specialty Chemical industries, we can handle very precise measurements, crimping and provide a large variety of end connection termination.  Utilizing our ISO 9001:2015 QMS, we provide serializiation with complete assembly and lot traceability, and full certification package.  We also offer a variety of customer labeling, serialization, etching and packaging options as well.

Sentinel Hose Fabrication Capabilities Flyer
Sentinel Process Hose Fabrications Flyer

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Please click here for addition details on our in-house Hose Fabrication Services.

Our staff members have years of experience helping our customers optimize their hose assemblies for unique applications. To discuss your project requirements and learn more about Sentinel’s capabilities, please contact one of our Sales Reps.

Ace SSD Silicone Braided close-up

Silicone Hoses

High purity Platinum-cured Silicone hoses

Ace TRS 2 faded

Fluoropolymer Lined Hoses

High purity PTFE lined hoses

PVC Hose 1

PVC Hoses

PVC hoses for strict FDA applications

Ace RES 1 faded

Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses for sanitary suction and discharge applications

Tri-clamp x Hose Barb (1)

End Connections

Variety of fittings and adapters to connect to the hoses

Hose Rack - HRA

Hose Rack & Carts

Fixed and mobile hose storage devices

When trying to determine the optimal Hose there are several parameters that should be considered.  The acronym “STAMPED” represents the key parameters that will help Sentinel choose the best solution for your applications.

Hose Stamped Flyer

One parameter not covered by the “STAMPED” acronym is Hose length.  When measuring Process Hoses it is important to understand what dimensions to take.  The chart below provides tips on measuring various configurations. 

Hose Measurement Guide Image

Flexibility and minimum bend radius are important factors when selecting the proper hose for your application.  The chart below provides valuable information to help understand bend radius better.

Sanitary Process Hoses

Sentinel Process Systems is your one-stop shop for sanitary process hose assemblies made for an extensive range of different applications. Our team does all the work. We’ll research the products you need and source a cost-effective solution. We also offer stocking services to simplify inventory controls and help prevent material outages.

Sanitary Flex Hose Solutions

Our catalog features products made from multiple base materials. We also offer rapid custom fabrication for tubing in the lengths you need with the fittings you require. Every hose we distribute is serialized for simplified inventory management, and custom tagging services are available.

High Purity Hose Assemblies

Our high purity sanitary process hose assemblies are engineered for use in applications where the tubing is subject to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures or other corrosives. The tubing will not lose quality, crack or fade. The fluid inside will pass through the tube without leaching.

Many different options are available, including:

  • Smooth-bore PTFE
  • Rubber covered FEP lined
  • Polypro-braid covered PTFE
  • Stainless Steel covered PTFE
  • Stainless steel braid silicone outer cover (TSC)
  • We also have an extensive selection of suitable end connections to select from, including tri-clamp, ANSI flanged, cam-lock, MNPT and FNPT designs
Biopharm Silicone

Biopharmaceutical silicone tubing is manufactured to meet the demanding standards of pharmaceutical fluid processing applications. These products are designed for heat-sealed aseptic welding, eliminating the need for connectors. They are odorless, non-toxic, flexible, translucent and sterilizable. They also feature ultra-smooth, non-leaching inner surfaces.

Biopharm silicone sanitary process hoses are available in several styles, including:

  • Clear
  • 4-Ply wire reinforced
  • Convoluted outer cove
  • Nomex braid reinforced
  • The available fittings we offer include electropolished tri-clamp ends and options with a 15 Ra finish
USDA Food Grade Rubber

Our tubing is made from USDA food-grade rubber meets FDA compliance standards. This material is specifically engineered to deliver the high chemical and temperature resistances needed for a wide range of food processing applications.

Food-grade sanitary flex hose is flexible, tasteless and emits no odors. It also has a natural resistance to bacteria buildup, making it easy to keep clean and safe for repeated food exposure.

We offer process tubing in a selection of food-grade polymers that includes:

  • FDA Viton rubber
  • FDA EPDM rubber
  • FDA Buna-N rubber
  • FDA Silicone rubber
Industrial Plastics

Our industrial plastic sanitary process tubing includes products made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polypro (polypropylene). These materials are versatile, and we have options suited for use in many applications, including manufacturing, food processing and many other industrial scenarios.

PVC and polypro offer many advantages. These materials are both flexible, durable and provide superior longevity. Our team will help you determine which best fits into your processes to deliver the performance you need and provide you with excellent value.

Special Options

You can customize our sanitary flex hose and process hose assemblies with a number of affordable options. These include:

  • Hose identification systems: We have several options available for labeling hoses and making them easier to identify. Some of our most common are adding laser-etched labels, vulcanized hose tagging, electro etching and color coding using colored hoses and braids.
  • Special hose coverings: Hose coverings provide added protection for hoses subject to extreme temperatures, high pressure, excessive friction, kinking, crushing and other damaging conditions. Rubber, silicone, stainless steel and other base materials are available to match your needs.
Custom Hose Racks

Proper storage is essential if you want to keep your sanitary process hose assemblies in good condition and make them last. Our stainless steel custom hose racks provide a safe and convenient solution. These products are designed to store your hoses in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and comply with FDA and 3A storage regulations.

Our racks are compact and the best way to keep your hoses, clamps and gaskets organized, off the floor and out of the way for a safer and work environment. We have multiple designs to select from, including heavy-gauge, mobile and rugged fabrications and wall-mounted racks that ensure 100% fluid drainage.

Find the Right Sanitary Flex Hose for Your Application

If you need a TFE-lined hose, talk to our team. We offer a large selection of sanitary process hose assemblies from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We also carry a wide variety of other innovative technologies and engineered solutions. You can rely on our experts for the skill, knowledge and expertise to help you select the best products and ensure you stay supplied with reliable ongoing support.

Contact us to learn more about our sanitary flex tubing, get a product recommendation or request a quote. You can reach us online or call us at 855-503-1280.

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