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At Sentinel Process Systems, we assist our customers in bringing life-improving technologies to market by providing innovative solutions paired with legendary service. Our focus is on the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries, particularly companies involved in parenteral manufacturing or sterile liquid processing. We serve large-scale research and GMP manufacturing operations, typically partnering with organizations that have at least 50 employees and are experiencing growth. Our primary points of contact are the engineers and scientists supporting these operations.

We are dedicated to being a critical process component provider, developing and delivering innovative solutions promptly and efficiently. To better serve our Single Use customers, we operate an ISO 7 cleanroom that produces precisely fabricated assemblies to ISO 9001 standards. Additionally, we offer various stocking programs within multiple warehouse facilities to strengthen supply chains. When you need critical process components or innovative single-use solutions, consider Sentinel as your trusted partner.

Cleanroom Assembly Services Landscape - Crimper 2 Female Assemblers

The Sentinel Glass Company was founded in 1950 as an exclusive distributor of Corning Glass Works’ Pyrex® Brand process glass pipe and equipment. From its inception, Sentinel Glass Company played a pivotal role in supplying critical process components for the development and manufacturing of life-enhancing chemistries. Our dedication to high-purity and corrosive liquid processing made us a trusted partner in the small molecule pharmaceutical market and the broader chemical industry.

In our early years, Sentinel Glass Company distinguished itself with a specialized glass shop that offered value-added fabrication services. This capability allowed us to meet the unique and demanding needs of our customers, providing tailored solutions that enhanced their manufacturing processes. Our commitment to quality and innovation established Sentinel Glass Company as a reliable and indispensable resource in the industry.

Over the decades, we have evolved and expanded our offerings to keep pace with technological advancements and the growing needs of our customers. Our transition to Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. reflects our broadened focus and continued dedication to delivering high-quality, technologically advanced products. Today, we remain committed to helping our customers overcome their most challenging hurdles, staying true to the legacy of excellence and innovation that began with the Sentinel Glass Company.


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