Fittings to join process lines at 90 degrees

Crosses allow for the intersection of two processing lines.  Different configurations are available with Mechanical or Electro-Polish Finish.

Our fittings are cleaned using a multiple step process to assure clean surface, areas inside and out with repeatability every time. Every fitting is passivated according to ASME BPE and ASTM A967 standards. We provide full traceability for each of our products by supplying all necessary production process data. Stainless Steel fittings comply with ASME BPE standards.

Fittings are fabricated in 316L Stainless Steel with sulfur content of 0.005-0.017% achieving superior repeatability for automatic orbital welding process. Each fitting and process component is permanently laser marked to show the heat number/code traceable to material test report for each product contact surface component, material type, manufacturer’s name, logo, & trademark, product contact surface designation for the appropriate BPE specification, and ASME BPE mark. Each fitting is capped, bagged and labeled in full compliance with the ASME BPE standard.

Equal Cross
  • Tube x Tube, Tri-Clamp x Tri-Clamp Ends
  • Available with nominal sizes from 1 inch to 6 inches
Reducing Cross
  • Tube x Tube – run and branch
  • Available with nominal sizes from 3/4 inch to 6 inches

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