Flanged fittings to connect multiple process lines

Tri-Clamp Ferrules are a flanged fitting used to connect two separate pieces of sanitary tubing. One connection is completed with the use of a clamp and gasket to create a water-tight seal.  A welded connection is used on the other end.  An orbital weld is recommended to ensure proper connectivity. Ferrules are provided in various lengths to accommodate the spacing between two separate pieces of sanitary tubing and to allow extra room for welding capabilities.

Tri-Clamp x Tube fitting is made from long-lasting 316L or AL-6XN stainless steel that complies with ASME BPE standards.  Available with Mechanical or Electro-Polish Finish.  Tri-Clamp sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 6 inches.  The overall Tube length varies in size from as small as ½ inch up to 3 inches. 


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