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The EM series 90mm hygienic pressure gauge was designed specifically for the life sciences processing environment. Customers in the Life Sciences and Biotech market will recognize the unique features which are standard on all Anderson life science products such as all-welded construction, electro-polished wetted parts, and standard calibration certifications. They’ll also appreciate the compact profile that fits virtually anywhere while still maximizing readability. But what really sets this gauge apart is the offset adjustment that comes as a standard feature on every EM series gauge. Rear-mounted and unobtrusive, we even provide a special tool for the optional span adjustment so it’s tamperproof.

  • The industry’s only externally adjustable span and offset
  • Designed specifically for SIP and autoclave applications
  • Lowest/most narrow profile of any sanitary gauge
  • Custom laser etched markings available
  • Available clean for oxygen service

The EK series 63mm gauge is designed for use at process temperatures up to 140°C(284°F) and to withstand repeated inline sterilization at up to 149°C(300°F). Our new back access re-zero adjustment is a standard feature on all models. When ordered with the Anderson CPM fitting, the gauge is autoclaveable at 149°C(300°F) for one hour. The EK gauge is also the only sanitary gauge available with a true one-inch tri-clamp fitting, eliminating the long standing problem of instrumenting one-inch lines. This unique fitting will accept a one-inch gasket without impinging on the diaphragm.

  • The only sanitary gauge that mates directly on 3/4″ and 1″ lines
  • Autoclaveable w/Standard CPM fitting
  • Lowest profile of any “mini” gauge
  • Minimal temperature effect
  • Re-zero feature is standard

The Anderson EP Digital Pressure Gauge platform is designed specifically for monitoring critical pressures in sanitary Life Sciences applications. The product line was developed to address several trends relative to performance, safety, and readability criteria of our core customers. When compared to mechanical gauges these electronic units provide much better accuracy, resolution, and over-range capability, and are backed by a 2 year warranty! The switch version provides all this, PLUS 2 fully adjustable switches with low-voltage relay outputs for simple control and/or alarming.

  • Highest accuracy and best overrange of any sanitary gauge
  • Largest digital display available in a process gauge
  • User programmable via simple operator interface
  • Standard Min/Max Pressure capture feature
  • Optional Alarm/Control relays
  • 3-A compliant

The model MPP modular pressure transmitter has been specifically designed for placement in sanitary process applications in the Life Sciences industry where accurate and repeatable pressure measurements in difficult (vibration, wide temperature swings, humidity) environments are required. A sanitary diaphragm on the process boundary acts on an FDA and USP approved actuating fluid transferring pressure to an internally sealed piezo resistive transducer. The transducer’s millivolt output is then converted an analog 4-20 mA DC signal that is proportional to the pressure exerted on the diaphragm. The MPP is sealed from environmental conditions via fully potted electronics, patented double o-ring sealed enclosure and all welded construction. Modular construction allows a high degree of field customization with the benefit of individual component replacement. All product contact surfaces are constructed of 316L stainless steel, (available Hastelloy) and electropolished with a surface finish not exceeding 8 micro inch Ra.

  • State of the art sanitary design delivers class leading performance
  • Replaceable components reduce cost of ownership
  • Diagnostic routines promote reliability, display verifies problem free operation
  • Intuitive menu driven setup simplifies commissioning

The Anderson TP series pressure transmitter is a microprocessor-based sensor specifically designed for sanitary fluid process applications in the Life Sciences and Bio-technology industry. This product provides an extremely high level of performance combined with the flexibility of digital communication via the “HART” protocol. The TP series can be specified in several configurations including high temperature models that are available in direct or remote mount variations. The high temperature direct mount is also recommended for applications where a horizontal orientation is required for display viewing, such as tank tops and overhead lines. All models comply with UL, “intrinsically safe” requirements for Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A-D. The units may be ordered with any of our wide variety of sanitary process fittings.

  • New options and mounting configurations for high temperature applications, up to 204°C (400°F)
  • Standard 4-20 mA Output with “HART” Protocol for Digital Communications
  • Micro-based Design provides best performance of any sanitary transmitter
  • Widest choice of sanitary clamp and flushmount “CPM” fittings
  • Optional LCD Display now available for vertical or horizontal viewing
  • 3-A compliant

Anderson’s HA “Mini” sanitary pressure transmitter is specifically designed for critical measurements in fractional size lines. The product can be ordered with 3/4″, 1″,or 1-1/2″ Tri-Clamp® connections as well as our CPM fitting. This eliminates the need for reducers or adapters, thus reducing hold-up volumes in small lines. Internal zero and span adjustments and easily accessible test points greatly simplify calibration and validation. 316 “L” stainless steel wetted parts are electro-polished to an Ra 8. Finally, since it’s an Anderson “Life Sciences Series” product, every transmitter includes a calibration certificate and permanent tag at no charge.


The Anderson SV Life Sciences Series Pressure Transmitter may be ordered with built-in LCD indication. The unit meets all life sciences requirements for performance, finish and cleanability. It is designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh process and sterilization conditions encountered in the life sciences and biotechnology industries. Its one-piece stainless steel package design incorporates a transducer and electronic circuitry to convert pressure and/or vacuum to a proportional 4-20 mA signal. The wide variety of fittings and ranges provide flexibility in specifying the best transmitter for any application. The unit is designed to operate at high process temperatures and withstand CIP/ SIP conditions. All units are supplied factory calibrated to standard or custom ranges. For field maintenance, non-interactive zero, and span adjustments, as well as field accessible test points are provided. The optional LCD cap mounted display can be scaled to match actual process units, 0-100% of full scale, or 4-20 mA. This useful feature provides indication directly at the process, in addition to the standard 4-20 mA output.


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