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Gowning Benches

In classified cleanrooms workers require an area where they can properly gown up before entering the cleanroom.  Gowning benches are used to enable workers to easily put on their protective clothing and transition to the clean space.  The ultra smooth surface of our gowning benches won’t shed articles or snag clothing or wipes. 

Options include:

  • Floor mount, freestanding
  • Rolled edges or flat edges
  • Rectangular or oval shape
  • Multi-levels with foot rest
  • Solid, perforated or wire top surface
  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bootie/shoe undershelf storage
  • Depths range from 9” to 24”
  • Widths range from 36” to 84”
  • Heights range from 16” to 24”
  • Custom designs available

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