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Flow Control


Flow Control Sensors

With flow sensors, you can read flow rates in sanitary manufacturing applications without tapping into the line. At Sentinel Process Systems, we carry a variety of options to select from Sonotec designed to mount onto process hoses and in line with flow systems. We also have software and accessories available to help you use these products to their full potential.


Non-Invasive Flow Measurement Devices

Flow sensors provide instantaneous flow measurements in a variety of sanitary manufacturing applications. They are non-invasive, easy to use and simple to install. Browse the complete list of devices we offer to find the solutions you need.


CO.55 V2 Clamp-On Flow Sensors

Sonotec CO.55 V2-series clamp-on sensors make it easy to measure flows with accuracy up to +/-1.5%. These devices offer several measuring modes, including real-time flow monitoring, volume totalizing, volume dosing switching output and flow switch switching output.

Two options are available:

  • Aluminum: CO.55 V2 aluminum flow sensors are an affordable and lightweight solution that delivers readings to your computer.
  • Stainless steel: CO.55 V2 stainless steel clamp-on flow sensors have a digital screen that lets you view system readings at the source.


IL.52 V2 Inline Sensors

IL.52 V2 inline sensors are made for low-flow applications down to 0.4 ml/min. They feature a PEEK (polyetheretherketone) measurement channel with excellent chemical compatibility, mechanical stability and resistance to high temperatures and FFKM (perfluoroelastomer) seals. Available outputs include RS485, ModBus, NON/PNP, 0-20kHz and 4-20ma connections.


Selecting the Correct Sensor

Many factors determine which sensor will best match your specific application. Key considerations include details like the tube composition plus the inner and outer diameter. You also need to understand flow volume and voltage requirements, as well as whether you need built-in bubble detection capability.

You can narrow your search further by identifying additional performance requirements. This includes details like the media you want to measure and minimum/maximum ranges for temperature, flow rate and pressure. Additionally, you can choose whether you want an inline or clamp-on device:

  • Clamp-on flow sensors: Clamp-on flow sensors deliver accurate flow rates on systems processing 20ml to 200 liters per minute. We also offer custom calibrations for systems featuring average flow rates under 100 ml/min with the proper settings. Solutions compatible with Tygon, silicone, PVC, TPE, Viton, EA, FEP, PVA, PTFE, LDPE and PVVDF are available.
  • Inline flow sensors: Inline ultrasonic flow sensors connect with standard plumb fittings and detect flow rates through bidirectional measurement. They are autoclavable, reusable and can read flow rates from 0.2 ml/min to 3 liters per minute (with special calibration), making them ideal for research and development, benchtop applications and small-scale process development.


Learn More About Our Flow Control Products

Let our team help you find the correct non-invasive flow measurement sensors for your business. Our experts understand how these products apply to your application and help you find suitable selections that fit your budget. Reach out to us today to get more information about these and the other products we offer and request a quote.

Call 800-345-FLOW to connect or send us a message.