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SONOTEC ABD06 Bubble Sensor

SONOTEC’s highly precise clamp-on SONOCHECK ABD06 Bubble Sensors are ideal for continuous air bubble monitoring and full / empty detection. An implemented patented closed loop algorithm ensures fast air bubble detection and guarantees constant bubble sensitivity, widely independent of the quality of the acoustic coupling. Dependent on the inner diameter of the tubing and flow velocity, the sensors can detect bubbles as small as 1 μl.


Technical Features

  • High grade sensors for air bubble monitoring using non-contact clamp-on mechanism that has no contact with the liquid
  • Compact design with integrated electronics
  • Compatible with wide range of specific bioprocessing plastic tubing, e.g. PCS, PE, PTFE, FEP, PFA, TPE, PVC, reinforced tubing
  • Suitable for WFI, cell culture media, buffer solutions, and most aqueous solutions
  • Electrical connection is 8 pin M12 connector
  • Stable sensor reliability to changing acoustic conditions, e.g. fluid density or viscosity
  • Optional ATEX certification for hazardous environments
  • Typical applications are in biotechnology or industrial applications in the automation, semiconductor or food and beverage industry(e.g. filling processes of glue, paint and lubricants) are typical.

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