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Laptop iSense ISM Productivity tools and laptop

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of accessories to complete their process analytic sensor line. From junction boxes to housings to connectors to the Intelligent Sensor Management technology, METTLER Toledo’s complementary line of accessories help you better integrate their sensor line into your process.


J-Box BTLE Bluetooth

J-Box BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a junction box that converts the digital signal from ISM pH and optical DO sensors into an analog signal (mV for pH and nA for optical DO). The J-Box BTLE provides direct connection of a 1-wire ISM pH sensor and an RS485 ISM optical DO sensor to an analog biocontroller.  Standard 1 or 3 meter cables are available for connection from the J-Box BTLE to the oxygen and pH sensors.

The J-Box BTLE features a Bluetooth 4.0 interface that operates with iSense PC software and the iSense Mobile app. These tools enable wireless access to ISM’s advanced diagnostics, full calibration options, maintenance, and data logging features.


InFit 761/764e Static Housings

The InFit 761e / 764e allows quick and easy installation (vertically or laterally into vessels, bioreactors and pipes) of electrodes and sensors with Pg 13.5 thread and a diameter of 12 mm. This allows the use of a large range of pH / redox electrodes with solid or gel-type reference electrolyte as well as sensors for measuring conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and dissolved CO2. The InFit 761e housing is designed for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (including hazardous areas) as well as in biotechnological and food & beverage applications.

The InFit 764e housing provides quick and easy integration of pressurized pH / redox electrodes with liquid reference electrolyte into applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as those in biotechnological, food & beverage and industrial wastewater areas.

InTrac 797e Retractable Housing

InTrac 797e/799e Hygienic Retractable Housings

The InTrac™ 797 e / 799 e is designed to fit as a process connection in applications with high demanding sterile conditions.  With its double flushing chamber, the InTrac 797 e / 799 e is able to clean and calibrate the sensor as well as steam sterilize it, without interacting with the process itself. This allows sensor handling that is totally independent from the process, so it can be ensured that the sensor always meets the sterile conditions needed.

Using an InTrac 797 e / 799 e helps to avoid cross contamination and get more product safety.

Laptop iSense ISM Productivity tools and laptop

ISM Core ™

ISM Core™ is METTLER TOLEDO’s user-friendly software for its Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM™) technology.  With ISM Core, you can conveniently precalibrate your ISM sensors away from the process with the accuracy of lab conditions and assess the sensor state with real-time diagnostic information. This allows you to decide instantly whether to re-use or discard a sensor.  Simply connect your ISM sensor via USB to your PC and get access to various intuitive analysis, calibration and documentation applications.  Calibration information is collected, managed and analyzed efficiently and documented consistently to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Convenient Sensor Calibration Away from the Process

You don’t need to perform calibration at measurement points. Now you can calibrate your sensors in a laboratory or maintenance workplace. Once calibrated, just reconnect the sensor to the transmitter. The transmitter will configure itself automatically and the sensor can be used immediately.

Step-by-Step Guidance

No longer do you need expert-level knowledge to calibrate and maintain sensors. The ISM Core sensor management software guides you through all the steps using animations. ISM Core ensures you will always perform calibration and maintenance routines accurately and consistently.

Visualization of Sensor Health

With ISM Core, evaluating sensor condition or determining when you should next calibrate or exchange a sensor is easy. Color coding indicates the operational status of sensors and predictive diagnostics tell you how many days remain before calibration or exchange should be performed.

Sensor Inventory Data

ISM Core automatically records sensor history in a digital database. Calibration and location information are stored for each sensor and can be exported to Excel or as a PDF.


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