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Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Besides pH and dissolved oxygen measurements, reliable monitoring and control of the CO2 partial pressure is important for successful fermentation.  At high viable cell concentrations the accumulation of CO2 can become very problematic.  High CO2 concentrations can inhibit cell growth and alter the glycosylation of pattern of recombinant proteins.  METTLER TOLEDO’s CO2 sensors delivers precise, real-time data that increases the understanding of critical fermentation and cell culture processes.


Technical Features

METTLER TOLEDO’s InPro 5000i dissolved CO2 sensor allows for the accurate measurement and control of dissolved carbon dioxide in biopharmaceutical applications. The measuring principle is based on the Severinghaus principle of potentiometric CO2 measurement which has been widely accepted for over 55 years. The high surface finish of the stainless steel sensor prevents contamination and the sensor is fully sterilizable either in-situ or in an autoclave. The design of the membrane dramatically reduces full service time to just minutes. The interior body, a high performance pH electrode, can easily be replaced at your site. No need to send the sensor in for service.

Sterilizable and autoclavable, the 5000i is engineered to meet or exceed all FDA and GMP requirements, with 3-A, EHEDG, 3.1B, and FDA 21 CFR 177 compliance. Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) sensor technology provides a true plug-and-measure digital transmitter interface with extensive sensor diagnostics and life-cycle monitoring.  Interface the sensor to your bioreactor with one of Ingold’s many stationary or retractable housing designs. Complete your dissolved CO2 measurement with a suitable cable and transmitter.

When considering Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor features the following attributes should be taken into account:

  • Measurement Range: METTLER TOLEDO’s dissolved CO2 sensors typically have a specified measurement range, indicating the concentration of dissolved CO2 they can accurately detect.
  • Sensor Design: The sensors are designed to be durable and suitable for various applications.
  • Accuracy and Precision: The InPro sensors are designed to provide accurate and precise measurements of dissolved CO2 concentrations in the specified range.
  • Response Time: These sensors have fast response times in detecting changes in dissolved CO2, especially in dynamic processes.
  • Temperature Compensation: METTLER TOLEDO‘s dissolved CO2 sensors incorporate temperature compensation to ensure accurate readings across a range of temperatures.
  • Calibration: Easy and straightforward calibration processes contribute to the usability of the sensors.
  • Compatibility: These sensors are designed for compatibility with various measurement instruments and systems, ensuring flexibility in different laboratory or industrial setups.
  • Digital Connectivity: METTLER TOLEDO’s dissolved CO2 sensors, with ISM technology, provides digital communication options, allowing integration with control systems and facilitating data transfer.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: All of the CO2 sensors comply with relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring that they meet the required quality and safety standards for specific applications.

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