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Tri-Clamp Gaskets

  • Tri-clamp gaskets are widely used in the food and beverage industry, as well as in pharmaceutical and biotech applications.
  • They are named for the tri-clamp or tri-clover fittings they seal, which consist of a gasket, clamp, and ferrule.
  • Tri-clamp gaskets are typically made from materials such as EPDM, silicone, or PTFE, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters.
  • These gaskets create a secure, hygienic, and leak-free seal when the clamp is tightened.
  • Available as a Flanged Tri-clamps gaskets. These are similar to standard Tri-clamp gaskets except they have a flanged outer edge that fits over the outer ferule connection.  This keeps the gasket captive to the ferule and helps with positioning and retention during the installation process.
  • Other designs include Schedule 5 and DIN/ISO gaskets
  • Typical materials: EPDM, Silicone, PTFE/Teflon®, FKM/Viton™, Buna
  • Sizes available: 1/2” up to 12”

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