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Bioprocess Bags

2D and 3D Single-use storage bags

Sentinel’s Bioprocess Bag product line allows us to provide single-use storage solutions that meet complex demands for material integrity throughout the facility.  Available in standard designs or customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements with short lead times.


Technical Features

Key Features
  • Single-use 2D pillow bags and 3D assembly bags are made from various films that offer unique properties
  • Cross-contamination problems eliminated
  • Gamma irradiated between 25 and 40kGy
  • Manufactured under a quality system designed to be compliant to 21 CFR Part 820: Quality System Regulation
  • Assembled in ISO Class 7 Clean Room
  • All product contact materials USP Class VI Tested
  • Full traceability for all materials
  • Certificates of analysis provided for each lot
  • Extractables and leachables (E&L) data available for all contact materials
Typical Applications
  • Secure storage/transport of sterile liquids,
  • Chromatography Collection
  • Containment of products for irradiation
  • Easy freeze/thaw solution applications
  • Solution transfer to bioreactors
  • Growing mammalian and plant cell culture cell lines

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