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Cryopreservation Bags

High-grade fluoropolymer Single-use 2D bags

Designed with high-grade, gamma-stable fluoropolymer, Aramus provides the utmost protection of your sample with low extractables and leachables.


Technical Features

Key Features
  • High grade fluoropolymer using no additives, adhesives or non-binding proteins
  • No delamination risk
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature range -121°F to 248°F (-85°C to 120°C) helps reduces potential breakage and helps maintain mechanical properties especially in frozen drugs and cryogenic applications
  • 9 bag sizes
  • Manufactured in ISO Class 5 cleanroom
Typical Applications
  • Frozen product storage and shipment
  • Stem cell freezing and storage
  • Storage of critical buffers and media
  • Downstream bioprocessing
  • Final fill
  • Process sampling and archiving

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