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Microcarrier and Cell Separation Bags

Sterile, Single-use Mesh Filtration System

The Microcarrier and Cell Separation system is a completely sterile, single-use filtration system.  This bag facilitates a separation process using a streamlined, single-use filter/mesh system and a peristaltic pump.  Simply pump the unfiltered fluid to the inlet port, through the filtration mesh, and out the second port.  By customizing the bag size, mesh size, and pump settings the user is able to trap and break up cell clumps, or trap microcarriers as required, all with the same recovery performance as current methods.


Technical Features

Key Features
  • Gamma irradiated between 25 and 40 kGy
  • Standard bags available in 20, 40, 70 and 200 micron options
  • Standard geometries include 6 inch x 6 inch (500mL), 11 inch x 11 inch (2L) and 20 inch x 20 inch (10L)
  • Can be configured with wide array of inlet/outlet connectors and tubing options
  • Hanging Filter bag model has a handle and hanging rod that contributes to the bag’s strength and workability
  • The tabletop Filter Bag model has no handle or hanging rod and is designed to accommodate smaller volumes in a space-saving environment
  • 2-ply construction provides an added gas barrier
  • The single-use filtration bag reduces concerns of cross-contamination and ensures sterility at all times
  • Manufactured under a quality system designed to be compliant to 21 CFR Part 820: Quality System Regulation
  • Assembled in ISO Class 7 Clean Room
  • All product contact materials USP Class VI Tested
  • Full traceability for all materials
  • Certificates of analysis provided for each lot
  • Extractables and leachables (E&L) data available for all contact materials
Typical Applications
  • Separation of microcarrier beads
  • Final product filtration
  • Harvesting
  • Cell washing
  • Purification

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