Tube Welder

Vante® Sterile Connector

The Vante Sterile Connector is designed for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications where aseptic tubing connections are required. It is a stand-alone automated table-top device that requires minimal user interface for ease of operation. The unit incorporates self-controlled heating operation and temperature monitoring as well as an automated mechanical assembly to perform the tube welding operation. The Welder requires a single-use, disposable cutting blade which is purchased separately from the unit. The tubing can be wet, dry, or fluid filled.


Technical Features

  • Self-controlled heating operation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Tubing can be wet, dry or fluid filled
  • Automated welding operation
  • 0.375” to 0.75” OD, 0.625” to 0.125” wall thickness

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