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Anderson-Negele is a global hygienic instrumentation company providing solutions and services for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Their product lines include sanitary pressure and temperature gauges, transmitters, and flowmeters, manufactured to meet 3-A and BPE standards and designed to perform under your process conditions. Established in 1930, Anderson-Negele has a long standing history of delivering quality and attaining customer satisfaction.

Anderson-Negele Solutions Offered at Sentinel Process Systems

At Sentinel Process Systems, we carry several Anderson-Negele products, including:
  • FJ Digital Temperature Gauge/Switch: This temperature gauge is battery-operated and has an LCD with easy-to-read, large-print digits. The FJ device have field calibration capabilities and a tamper-resistant backplate. The process temperature range for this gauge is zero to 300°F.
  • SW/CT Sanitary RTDs and Temperature Transmitters: You can get these temperature transmitters as stand-alone models or conduit wiring housing. The transmitter is made from stainless steel with modular components and comes in custom lengths up to 6 inches at no extra cost.
  • EM Life Sciences Series Pressure Gauge (90 mm dial): This hygienic pressure gauge is all-welded with electro-polished wetted parts and meets standard calibration certifications. This pressure gauge also has an offset adjustment feature. The calibrated accuracy of this product is +/- 0.75% F.S. from 10-90% of the range.
  • EK Life Sciences Series Pressure Gauge (63 mm dial): You can use this pressure gauge at temperatures under 140°C (284°F). It has back access re-zero adjustment. If you purchase this gauge with an Anderson-Negele CPM fitting, it will autoclave up to 149°C (300°F) for one hour.
  • EP Life Sciences Series Digital Pressure Gauge/Switch: This electronic digital pressure gauge provides increased accuracy, over-range capabilities and better resolution. It comes with a two-year warranty, and you can add two optional, fully adjustable switches.
  • MPP Life Sciences Series Modular Pressure Transmitter: This transmitter has a sanitary diaphragm that works with FDA- and USP-approved actuating fluid to transfer pressure. The device converts pressure into an analog 4-20 mA DC signal. The modlar construction allows field customization so you can replace components as necessary, helping to prolong the equipment's life.
  • TP Hart/SMART Life Sciences Series Pressure Transmitter: This high-performing and flexible transmitter is microprocessing-based. They are available in multiple configurations, such as high-temperature and remote mount.
  • HA Life Sciences Series Mini Pressure Transmitter: If you need to take measurements in fractional lines, this mini pressure transmitter can help. It has multiple clamp options, a CPM fitting and easily accessible test points.
  • SV Life Sciences Series Pressure Transmitter: The SV pressure transmitter features a built-in LCD. The device's one-piece stainless steel construction can withstand demanding conditions and sterilization.

Areas of Application for Anderson-Negele Products

Applications for Anderson-Negele transmitters and gauges include:
  • Life sciences: Anderson-Negele designs products specifically for the life sciences industry. Since this industry is highly regulated and requires enhanced hygiene, they build transmitters and gauges to meet these requirements. Biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care applications are the most common sectors that use these products.
  • Food and beverage: The Anderson-Negele products also work well in food and beverage applications. This industry works quickly and requires reliable products, which is where Anderson-Negele comes in.

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