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Entegris has been a global leader in advanced materials science for over 50 years. Entegris has several bag solutions, motion bioreactor bags, mixing systems, microcarrier separation systems and tubing assemblies that meet the emerging requirements of single-use bioprocessing applications. Having acquired Flex Concepts, Entegris can offer highly customized process solutions that can be delivered with speed to meet tight development timelines.

Entegris Solutions We Offer

At Sentinel Process Systems, we carry numerous products from Entegris, including these bag solutions and systems:
  • Bioprocess bags: These pillow or assembly bags are available in 2D or 3D customized configurations with a choice of number of layers and films. A variety of Male and Female connections are offered such as Luer locks, aseptic, injection sites to name a few. The 2D bags can be configured with one to three — or more — ports. 2D bag capacities range between 50mL and 50 liters. These 2D bags come in several material options, such as multilayer, single-ply Flex 200, non-cholesterol binding single-ply, standard two-ply and standard three-ply. The 3D bags are available in sizes between 50L and 1000L, can accommodate 1 to 5 ports and are made from standard two-ply film.
  • Motion Bioreactor bags: These customizable motion or rocker bags offer Users a variety of options ~ bag film, bag size, port geometry and location, connector type and tubing material. Film is available as single-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply. The bags can be designed with 4 to 7 ports. Capacities range from 5L to 50L depending on the number of ports chosen.
  • Mixing systems: Entegris has a single-use bag system for recirculation and sterile mixing of multiple media types using a reusable conical drum and pump. It combines most materials or components within five to 15 minutes. Applications can be liquid to liquid, powder to liquid and recirculation of homogeneous solutions. The bag is a standard three-ply film with capacities ranging from 50L to 200L.
  • Microcarrier filter bags: Streamline the separation process with a single-use filter/mesh bag and peristaltic pump. We offer a standard two-ply film option with a 9-millimeter thickness. The inner barrier is Flex 100 low-density polyethylene, while the outer border is Flex 150 ethylene vinyl alcohol and nylon.

Applications for Entegris Bags and Systems

The bags and mixing systems from Entegris can have several applications. Some of the most common ones include:
  • Mammalian or plant culture cell lines, including those with extended mixing times.
  • Starting to grow NS0 or other cholesterol-sensitive clones
  • Biopharmaceutical applications
  • Storing and transporting sterile liquids securely
  • Freezing and thawing applications
  • Containing products for irradiation
  • Separating microcarrier beads
  • Media and buffer preparation
  • Recirculating homogenous solutions
  • Liquid to liquid applications
  • Powder to liquid applications

Benefits of Entegris Bag Solutions

Bags from Entegris offer several benefits for your application, such as:
  • Thoughtfully produced bags are designed to meet specific standards.
  • They undergo performance checks to ensure they work as intended.
  • These bags come in multiple sizes and with several port options.
  • Entegris solutions are easy to use and often require minimal operator training.
  • They are affordable bag systems that minimize costs.
  • All products are assembled in a cleanroom, and all materials have full traceability.
  • Every bag is sterilized using gamma irraditation between 25-40kGy.
  • You can get extractable and leachable information for the contact materials as well as full traceability for all materials.
  • Certificate of analysis is provided for each lot.

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