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Gemu Group

Gemu Group is a leading world-wide manufacturer of valves and automation components, and has been producing both innovative products and customized solutions since 1964. Our Gemu product line includes diaphragm, globe, and butterfly valves – as well as a variety of measurement, control, and communication devices. With a focus in the biotech and pharmaceutical markets, Gemu boasts the experience and engineering capabilities required to fulfill your process needs.

Gemu Solutions We Offer

At Sentinel Process Systems, we carry several Gemu diaphragms and process valves, including:
  • Gemu sanitary manual diaphragm valves: Sanitary valves enhance sterile practices. If ultra-pure media needs to move across systems for distribution in your application, these valves are the right choice for preventing outside contaminants from getting into your solutions.
  • Gemu sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valves: These sanitary diaphragm valves use pneumatic actuators to apply air pressure in a pharmaceutical application where time and speed are essential. They also eliminate exposure to environmental conditions and external system components.
  • Gemu globe valves: A globe valve uses linear motion to open and close a manufacturing system's parts. It will help regulate pressure levels throughout the equipment using a disc and seat inside the valve.
  • Gemu solenoid and pilot valves: Many industries use solenoid valves for on/off and flow control system applications. These components have electromagnetic heads, a disc (shutter) and movable pistons.
  • Ball valves: These are quarter-turn valves that help close a flow path. They cause only a minimal drop in pressure and leave an unrestricted flow path in the valve.
  • Sample and bleed valves: These sample and bleed valves allow you to provide a safe operating area for technicians to assess liquid channels. These parts are also designed to relieve pressure and reduce the risk of operator injury.
  • Single-use valves: These single-use control valves are suitable for production and manufacturing systems at pharmaceutical companies. They are disposable, eliminating the need for cleaning between uses.
  • Gemu electrical position indicators: We offer several Gemu electrical position indicators. These parts are compact, easy to mount and multifunctional.
  • Gemu intelligent positioners: We also carry numerous Gemu intelligent positioners. Each easy-to-use component offers numerous beneficial features, like fail-safe designs and optimized initialization.

Advantages of Gemu Valves

Choosing Gemu valves and diaphragms has several benefits, including:
  • Cleanroom manufacturing: Gemu ensures all products used for sanitary or hygienic applications are manufactured in the right conditions. They use advanced technology and methods to create their products.
  • Multiple body materials: Gemu can manufacture parts using various high-quality materials, including PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PP or HPS. These materials increase the components' chemical resistance.
  • Large product line: The Gemu team creates valves and diaphragms for multiple industries, allowing you to find the one you need for your application.
  • Specialized seal system: This manufacturer developed a seal system for diaphragm valves with a sealing weir of up to DN100.
  • Reliable products: The Gemu product lines have many useful features, including sterilization ability, compact designs, compatibility for fast cycle duties, corrosion resistance, control characteristics and more.

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