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Process Analytics


Process Analytics - Raman Spectroscopy & Measurement Technology

If you run a process flow system in biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage or another demanding industry, we can help you achieve better product quality with minimal business disruption. Sentinel Process Systems is a distributor of Thermo Fisher’s Ramina™ Process Analyzer technologies and your source for the entire product line. Our experts will guide you toward the best solution based on your specific requirements.


BioPharm Process Analytics Solutions

The full Ramina product catalog includes measurement probes and spectroscopy systems designed for taking accurate Raman measurements.

Raman Spectroscopy Systems

Thermo Fisher’s Ramina spectroscopy systems are accessible units that make it easy to collect high-quality measurements and view comprehensive chemical insights. With these systems, you can quickly identify precise chemical compositions using simple touch-and-test non-destructive sample analysis without preparation time. They rely on TouchRamen® BallProbe® technology and come with everything you need to get started.


Immersion Contact Probes

The immersion BallProbes are advanced optical measurement devices featuring a patented UV-grade spherical sapphire lens. They are user-friendly devices that allow anyone to collect high-quality data on contact.

Several options are available to meet your needs, with different sizes to select from:

  • Process BallProbes: Process BallProbes are durable measuring devices made from Hastelloy C-276. This model is suited for use in tough conditions, including extreme temperatures and harsh chemical exposure.
  • Performance BallProbes: The Performance BallProbe features the largest spherical lens. It is made from 316L stainless steel (SS) and is appropriate for use in moderate laboratory and industrial environmental settings.
  • BioReactor Ballprobe: The BioReactor BallProbe is a sanitary finished device made from 316L SS. This design is engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of the bioprocess industry and other sterile applications.
  • Custom BallProbes: Raman probes for measuring liquids, solids and gels made to unique specifications are available. Customizable details include BallProbe size, optical capabilities, porting and connections, and material.


Raman Measurement Probes

The Fiber BallProbe is a patented device that provides the link between your sample and spectroscopy system. This fiber optic tool uses TouchRaman® technology. It is the easiest and most dependable way to collect accurate Raman measurements and get consistent results. It comes in several different materials and diameter configurations to meet a range of demanding requirements.

The Fiber BallProbe is optimized to work with other Raman spectroscopy systems as well. You can also choose whether yours has a fixed configuration or an interchangeable one that lets you switch out different BallProbes to meet the demands of the specific application and support multiple measurement points.


Raman Spectrometer Probes for Continuous Flow Processes

The FlowCell is made from corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C276, making it suitable for use in demanding conditions and harsh chemical environments. It is a versatile Raman probe used in various applications across multiple industries, including biopharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and food and beverage processing.

With the FlowCell measurement probe, you can gather data directly from the flow path. These sophisticated devices are easy to install and use standard 1/8-inch plumbing connections. They are the ideal solution for flow-through and continuous flow applications with an intuitive design that minimizes dead volume. 

This product is available in two configurations: 

  • FRC with perfluoroelastomer seals: FRC systems with a perfluoroelastomer seal are the standard design, with temperature/pressure limits of 200°C/500psi.
  • FRC with gold seals: Models with gold seals are equipped to manage greater temperature extremes and higher pressures, with maximum limits up to 350°C and 2,000 psi.


Learn More About Our Process Analytics Equipment

Talk to our team today to learn how you can use Thermo Fisher’s Ramina Process Analyzer technologies to collect consistent, accurate and profitable data. Sentinel Process Systems is a leading distributor and fabricator of high purity valves, process instrumentation, single-use products, process tubing and fittings. Our experts will show you all the ways you can use our product solutions to gain a competitive edge.

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